Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentines Decor

I have a confession.  
I don't decorate much for most holidays (except Christmas).
Not on purpose, it's just that the holidays sneak up on me and
I never got around to making new decorations.
You would think I didn't own a calender.

Well.  This year I wanted some Valentines decorations.
Confession #2:  I'm not a big fan of hearts.
I know!  Who doesn't like hearts?
Me, that's who.  
You won't catch me sporting a heart on my shirt or on a piece of jewelry or anywhere else.
So what does a person who doesn't want to cover her house in hearts to do?
Decorate with hugs & kisses!

I got the idea for this last year but I cannot remember where and I didn't PIN it either.

It's really simple and I really like them.

I got an "X" and an "O" and some strung sequins, then hot glued the sequins to the letter.
I just picked a spot that I thought would be a good finishing point when I was done, and went back & forth with the string of sequins.

Once the X & O were covered I hung them up on my wreath hanger.
The X stays nicely on there and the O I tied a ribbon to and hung it from the ribbon to make it hang a little lower than the X.

That's it!  I was even able to make them while my boys ran circles around me!

P.S.  Did you know that I have 2 Etsy shops?
I just re-stocked PGoodysMini with some lace leggings for little girls.
Quantities are very limited so grab them quick before they are gone!
White lace leggings

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