Friday, February 1, 2013

Sequin Heart Sienna Dress

For this week of Project Run & Play the theme is 

I did Valentine's day shirts for the boys.  You can see that HERE.
This year Aubrey got the Valentine's day outfit.

Here is the sequin heart Sienna dress.
I used the Sienna dress pattern and got the idea for the sequin heart from J.Crew.

I hand-sewed every. single. sequin. onto that dress.  I told someone Aubrey better wear this dress a lot...I should see this thing on her while she's on her honeymoon!
One of my goals this year was to use up some of the fabric I have in my stash instead of buying more.
This dress was made entirely from fabric I had!  Some of it was from t-shirts that needed a new life & some of it was from left over fabric I already had.  
The leggings I made a few months ago but I thought they went so well with this outfit.

I will be putting this outfit in the PR&P linky party.  

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  1. That outfit really is so cute! I do not repurpose shirts enough. Well, I don't repurpose anything enough. I always say I will and I rarely do.