Friday, February 15, 2013

Project Run & Play: Signature Style.

This is the last week of Project Run & Play 
and the theme for the week is signature style.

When I was trying to think of my signature style I think I came up with outfits that are true to how I sew & plan my projects.
As much as I'd like to re-create some of the awesome things I find on the internet, my kiddos don't always wear them when I do.  At least Aubrey doesn't.  So I make things that I think they would wear if they were picking out their outfit.  The boys are easy still, since they are only 2.  They will wear anything.

Aubrey is a different story.  For her outfit I made a tutu skirt and a shirt that she designed.
Back in November Jessica did a series called KIDS- Kids Inspiration & Design Series.
This series included the kids into the design process.  She's doing the series again, by the way.
I had Aubrey draw something that she would want me to make for her.  I told her it could be anything.  
In about 45 seconds she drew a top and knew exactly what she wanted.  
I just now got around to making it.
I cannot find the original drawing but here's the shirt, exactly how she wanted it.

A pink top with ruffles around the top & bottom with black buttons.
For the skirt, she picked out the prettiest melon green tulle and I found some matching cotton to line it with so it's not scratchy.  The waistband is flat in the front & elastic in the back.

For the boys, I did a freezer paper stencil of a dachshund that wraps around their side with a top hat made of felt.

I positioned the dogs on their shirts so that when they are standing together it looks like the dogs are one, like a puzzle.
Here's a picture of the back

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  1. Your daughter is an excellent designer... love the colors and the ruffles.
    And the shirts for your boys... adorable! I love the puzzle look! I hope I get a chance to copy this idea for my twin nephews when they are a little older. =)