Friday, January 25, 2013

Twin Prepsters

I usually don't put my kiddos faces in my pictures but I had to leave this guy's face in.  I think he looks like he's thinking "what is going on...she's nuts" & I just  love the other's smile.  These guys are finally smiling for the camera when you ask them too and these are the precious smiles we get!

Oh my goodness, what a week!
It's week 3 of Project Run & Play and this weeks theme is boys week.

I used the Prepster Pullover pattern for this project and added my own spin on it.
I used a brown jumbo gingham and blue contrasting fabric for one shrit & orange on the other.  
I like to dress my twins alike when I can (which isn't often anymore).  With these, they are dressed alike but still have their own shirt.  I used their favorite color for their shirt.

I like the fit if of these shirts.  A lot of the clothes you can buy for boys are really baggy.  It doesn't help when your little guys are slim, which mine are.  They swim in a lot of their clothes.  This will be a nice addition to their closet.

If you aren't too familiar with pr&p they let other bloggers like me sew along for prizes.  
The deadline to enter your project is 8am MST. 
I was literally running around this morning trying to finish up these shirts and get them posted in time.
When I went to enter it in the linky party HERE (go check it out!)  I was sweating and literally got it posted at 7:59 MST....or so I thought.  Right after I posted it I saw that there was 3 hours left.  Oh. 
Apparently I don't know what time Mountain Standard Time is!

As you can tell I'm a little distracted.  
We had a death in the family and my mind has been elsewhere.
Prayers & positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  

I hope you have a wonderful weekend


  1. What adorable boys! I do the same thing, dress mine similar but not exactly alike, so I love what you've done here! And I love the gingham, not something you see too often in boys clothing.

  2. Prays for you and your family. I am so impressed with what you have pulled off! I'm thinking I need to try this pattern. How old are your twins? So cute ;o)

    1. Thank you! My boys are 2. You are doing great over at pr&p! Good luck! And than you for the prayers, they are appreciated