Tuesday, January 8, 2013

But first, coffee.

I'm here!  Can you believe it?
Me either!
The things that have been going on over here...
Let's see, where do I begin?
We've had doctors appointments upon doctors appointments, a surgery (on one of the kiddos which makes it worse in a way), I did a Christmas open house to sell some things I made, making gifts for clients, the holidays of course, and if the holidays aren't busy enough let's just throw in the flu, bronchitis, ear infections & fevers.

I was so looking forward to the new year with the slow winter.
My plans are to get to the bottom of my "fix-it" sewing pile, sew some of the designs that are going through my head & re-do some things around our home.

What better way to start off the year than with coffee?

I picked up this sweatshirt for a steal at Target and used a freezer paper stencil to paint on "But first, coffee."
That's exactly what I'm thinking in the morning.
How about you?


  1. Um, I love that shirt. I can't believe you made it! Seriously. It looks great. People would buy that. I hope you get some down time sometime soon! And that everything went ok with your kiddo's sugery!

    1. Thank you! It was easy to do. You can do it too! And my little guy is doing really good, thanks!

  2. I hope the kiddo is okay. Your world sounds as crazy as mine. I love the tshirt, and need to make a list of the projects I would like to get done. Thanks so much for sharing at Wednesday's Adorned From Above Blog Hop.
    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above
    Melanie @ Keep It Simple and Fun