Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hi-low Shirt

I found this dress at H&M several weeks ago on clearance.

I really liked it and the price was great so I couldn't pass it up.
However, this style of dress looks terrible on me.  
There's no shape to it and it just hangs like I'm wearing a tent.
So I changed it to a top instead.

This was very simple to do.
If you can use some scissors and sew a straight line,
you can do this.

First, I cut the dress at the waist line.
This step is optional.  I did this to bring a little bit of added interest to the shirt.
You could skip this step and go right on to the next.
Then I cut the shape of what I wanted the hemline to look like.
I sewed the piece back on to the shirt
then hemmed it.
That's it!

I wanted the back to be longer than the front to have that "hi-low" look.
I like this so much better as a top than a dress.
It was a good refashion.
Do you have a dress you can chop into a top?


  1. Looks really cute! Well done.

  2. Great idea! Looks great as a shirt!

  3. Love it as a shirt! Those style of dresses look like oversized potato sacks!