Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Fun

Are you enjoying your summer so far?  
I think summer is my favorite season. 
I love the hot weather.  Love it.
You will not find me complaining about the heat ever.

I've been watching my niece & nephew a few days a week and my daughter is just loving the fact that she has someone older than her little brothers to play with.
Last week, for fun we did a craft.

They made their own shirts!
They had so much fun coloring them and were so proud of them when they were done.

You can get the printable from Lil Blue Boo HERE for a girl, and HERE for a boy.

What you need:
Light colored tshirts
fabric markers (I used Tulip brand)
Iron on transfer paper

1. Print the mirror image of the printable onto the iron on transfer paper.
2. Iron on the picture to the shirt
3. Let the kids color!

We invited my friend and her 2 daughters to make these too.
She saved the day by printing out the pictures for me.  
My printer works when it wants to and that day it decided it wasn't going to.

We couldn't leave the little guys out, so instead of giving them a picture to color on, 
I made a freezer paper stencil of their initials and let them color it in

They loved coloring!
Here's their finished product

So if you need to find something for your kiddos to do this summer,
this is a fun project and keeps them busy for a while.

What are some things you are doing to keep the kids busy this summer?
I'd love some ideas!

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