Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tshirt Week: Day 3

Today I'm sharing 2 tshirts with you.

Two little muscle shirts.

This was a good re-fashion project.
Yesterday I mentioned that I used the hem of this shirt.

Today, I used the rest of the shirt.
Here's the story on this.
I got my husband this tshirt last summer. 
I really liked it, he didn't.
So I took it and, instead of getting rid of it I made tshirts for the boys.
I used the Sienna Dress Pattern.
Instead of making a dress I made shirts instead, as you can see.  
Really, it's just a raglan style tshirt.  Using this style I was able to get both shirts out of the one tshirt.
If I used a regular shirt pattern I wouldn't have worked.
So I could use more of the cool graphics I cut out a couple pieces from the leftover material and sewed it on to the backs of the shirts to give them more interest.

I really like them.  Now the boys will have some nice little tshirts to show off their muscles!

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