Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tshirt Week: Day 2

Day #2 of Tshirt Week

I found this shirt and loved it.  
That camper is my favorite part.
Since we are going camping over the weekend I thought one of the boys had to wear a camping tshirt.

Here's what it looked like before I cut it up

Actually I already cut it up.  
I forgot to take a picture of it before I cut it but you get the gist.
I'm not a fan of onsies on toddlers.
I also don't like to put my kiddos in onsies in the summer.  I feel like it's too hot and no breezes can get to their little bellies.
So I cut the bottom part off the camper shirt
and the hem off this shirt

I'll share more on this shirt later in the week.

I left the bottom edge of the camper shirt raw and sewed on the hem of the AE shirt.
It gave it a little length and some contrast.

And there's a tshirt that will make someone a happy camper! ;)

See you tomorrow for day 3!

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