Monday, May 21, 2012

T-shirt Week: Day 1

I started working on some tshirts for the kiddos the last week or two.
I realized I had quite a few different shirts I was working on so I thought 
why not have "t-shirt week" on the blog?
So...welcome to T-Shirt week: Day 1!
I got this shirt for the boys.

One small (big) problem, it's way too big and I didn't want to store it for 2 years. 
So what did I do?  Cut it up!
I cut out all 3 sunglasses about 1/4 in away from the edge.

Then I pinned it on to a shirt that was the kiddos size.
*Note:  If you use a shirt with a silk screened picture, don't pin on to the picture.  
It will make pin holes in it. (of course, right? I did it anyways.)

Sew all the way around the picture and you are done!
It took me about 15 minutes each tshirt.
I love quick projects like that!


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