Friday, May 4, 2012

Food Friday.

I want to share a recipe I found with you.

Back On Track Wheatberry Salad

This was the best thing I ate all week!
Get the recipe HERE.
I made a few modifications but basically it was the same.
Here's what I changed:
Instead of Wheatberies, I used barley
Instead of navy beans, I used chickpeas
Only half of an English cucumber
In the dressing I used liquid aminos instead of Tamari

I put this on top of a big salad and used it as my dressing.

If you are trying to incorporate more meat-less dishes into your menu, the blog where I got this recipe from,  is a great source of delicious recipes.
I've used several and they've all been really good.

What new & delicious recipes have you tried lately?
Instead of green onions, I used a red onion

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