Monday, April 23, 2012

Knock It Off! And, A Few Other Things

I know I'm not alone here.  
Pintrest is full of things you didn't know you needed.
You could just be looking for a recipe for dinner then you find the best outfit ever.
Or the cutest dress for your daughter.
It could be dangerous, really.
Several weeks ago, this adorable little dress was pinned by a few of my Pintrest friends
hair and outfit - cute!
Found HERE

So guess what I did?
I knocked it off!
My friend asked me to make one similar to it for her daughter.
Here's my take on this dress
It's a simple pillowcase style dress.
I like that this is a little bit different from the rest of the pillowcase dresses you see.
I love that the bow is in the back of the dress.
Instead of putting the bow on the shoulder, I made button holes on the back to pull the sash through.
The hair pretty is from  Fleurs N Frills.

On another note, I decided, last minute to take part in the Kids Week Sewing Challenge.  
You spend 1 hour a day, every day for a week sewing for your kiddos.
Here's what I started today

Now, I know what you're thinking.  
That's it?
Actually, yes.  That's it.  
I cut out my pattern, picked out fabric and this is it.
Can you guess what it will be?
When it's done, I have a story to go along with it.

This has absolutely nothing to do with sewing but I have to share my new favorite thing.
Image Detail
Sriracha Sauce
I might be the last person to try this stuff but I LOVE it!
You will want to eat another plate of food just so you can put some Sriracha Sauce on it.
Have you tried Sriracha Sauce?
What do you put it on?

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