Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easy Maxi Skirt

I have been loving all the maxi skirts I've been seeing lately.
With all the ideas and styles you can find (especially on Pintrest) the possibilities are endless.
Summer is my favorite time of year to wear skirts because they keep you so cool.
I decided to make myself a couple.
This first one is made from a maternity dress I had while pregnant with the boys
Here's a couple pictures of the dress.
Here, my husband & I are at my good friend's wedding.  
I still had about 2 months to go before the boys were born.  
It was a long 2 months ;)

This dress was given to my by another twin mom.
It was one of my favorites.  I loved that it faded from light teal to dark.

Here's what you need:
A long dress
2" elastic

I took a few pictures (after I cut the skirt) along the way to share with you in case you have a dress you want to refashion into a skirt.
Here's how I did it:
You need your hip measurement plus 3 inches, divided by half. (I'll explain why you divide in half later)
I used my hip measurement so the skirt would be a little flowy.
Then you need to measure how long you want the skirt plus about an inch.
My measurements were
hip: 19 (35+3=38/2= 19)
Length: 38 (37+1=38)
Now start cutting.
I cut the top off.
My skirt has a lining. When you are cutting, be sure to cut the lining too.
To cut the skirt I used one of the existing side seams.
From there measure across 19" and mark.
Back to the seam at the bottom measure up 38". 
I measured up so I can use the existing seam.
Back to the seam at the bottom measure across 37", this will be the width of the bottom of the skirt.
Right sides together, sew the other side seam and serge or zig-zag the seam to keep it from unraveling.
If you have a skirt with a lining, baste both pieces together about 1/4" from the top & serge or zig-zag that seam

Now for the elastic.
The elastic I had was white, 
I wanted gray, so I dyed it.
You can do that too if you want.
To make a waist band
sew the elastic together,
iron the seam open and sew down the flaps.

To sew the waistband onto the skirt find & mark the center front & back of the elastic and skirt.
Do the same with the sides.
Match up the center front & back of the skirt and elastic.
Pin the RIGHT side of the skirt to the WRONG side of the elastic.
Do the same with the sides.
You will have more skirt left than you have elastic.
Top stitch the elastic on to the skirt by stretching the elastic as you go to match up with the excess skirt material.  Doing this will give you a little gather in the skirt.

Now you are done!
It's a really easy skirt to make and I love the results.
My new ombre maxi in a wonderful teal color.
I have a couple more maternity refashions to show you.
Do you have anything you can refashion?

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