Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Dress

Happy Belated Easter!
I hope you enjoyed celebrating the resurrection of Christ.

I know it's after Easter but I want to share Aubrey's Easter dress with you.
A couple months ago when we sat down to look at dresses, Aubrey said she wanted her dress to be pink, purple and blue.  Interesting choice.  It's do-able, but I told her to just look to see what we find.
The very first dress I showed her was THIS dress from Icandy.
She loved it and wanted her dress to be exactly like it.
Here it is.
The petal dress.
I did change a couple things.
Instead of short sleeves, I made a small capped sleeve and the sash I changed too.  I made it seersucker to match the boys.

She looked like a little angel in it with her curly blonde hair.

Happy Tuesday

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