Thursday, April 26, 2012

Angry Bird Dress

Today is day 4 of  Kids Clothes Week Challenge.
I've gotten my hour of sewing in every day but today.
I have a good reason.
I've been planning on re-doing some of my studio for a while.
Today my wonderful husband surprised me with a new table top for my sewing table!
I'm so excited about it.
Really, it's just an 8' long shelf mounted to the wall.
Right now the studio is a mess.  
My goal tomorrow is to clean it up a bit and catch up on the sewing challenge.
Here's what I got finished.

The Angry Bird Dress.
I used the Sienna Dress Pattern.
This is made from refashioned tshirts.

So here's the story on this dress.
We are Angry Bird-ers in this house.  Everyone loves that game.
A few weeks ago I found this Angry Bird tshirt on clearance at Target.
I just KNEW Aubrey would  be so happy if I made something out of it for her.
Here's how the conversation went when I told her about the shirt.
Me: Look what I got you!
A:  What's that for?
Me:  I'm going to make a dress out of it for you.
A:  Oh.........(silence)
A: Why would I want an Angry Bird dress?
Me:  Well, I thought you might like one since you like the game.  Do you want one?  I won't make it for you if you don't really want one.
A:  Do you want me to have an Angry Bird dress?  I'll have one if you want me to.

Apparently she didn't think it was as cool as I thought it was.  I made it anyways.

When she put it on this morning the boys seemed to love it.  
They chased her around wanting to look at the birds.

On to the next project!
I think I'll do something for the boys now.  
They need some summer clothes.

Are you or your family into Angry Birds?


  1. Love your blog, Trish! And the adorable things you come up with!