Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kitten Heels

Miss A got these cute, glittery, black shoes with a bow on top for her birthday and she love them.  One of her favorite parts about them is that they have a little heel.  She's always been a shoe girl.  Shoes and bags.  She started very early.  We may regret that one day.

Meet Zoey, another shoe girl in the house.
She has also always loved shoes.  We have lost many shoes to this girl.
The most recent casualty is the above mentioned sparkly, black shoes.

Poor Aubrey was broken-hearted.
Fortunately for all of us, only part of one of the bows was eaten.
I had an idea to fix them.  
(I know, why try to fix them when they can be replaced?  You don't understand, this girl gets attached to her shoes!)

Turn them into real kitten heels

Here's what you need:
Black felt
fabric paint

I cut out the shape of a cat head from the felt

Then painted on the eyes, nose, mouth, whiskers and ears.
Also, I did not use the rhinestones I took a picture of.  They turned out to be too big.  I had some left over from another shoe project that I used instead.

She likes them!

Ok, maybe they do look a little bit like halloween but if nothing else, she can use them for dress up.
It was a fun little project.  
Now to do some shoe shopping!

Here's a quick update on the Choose Joy post.
The auction for Ashley went above and beyond what they hoped for.
What a blessing!  Still, please be praying  for Ashley to be healed from her cancer.


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