Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Outfits: Part 1

Today was quite the busy day.  I got a lot accomplished, in my house and in my sewing & crafting.
I love it when that happens.
I finished up 3 projects, 2 of them being kind of big ones.  I have this bad habit of getting so close to finishing something then not finishing it.  Then I have this nagging feeling til I go finish it.  
Here's one of the projects I finished.

Easter shorts for the boys

I used Dana's tutorials on flat front kid pants with pockets.

Here's the back.

I was so proud of myself for getting so much done this morning before everyone got up.
Pride comes before the fall, right?
While I was just finishing up the hems on these shorts look what I saw

What's this?!

I made one leg almost a whole inch shorter!
So I had to fix it. 

Anyways,  I think they turned out great after the silly mistake was fixed.
I just have to sew buttons on the other part of their Easter outfit.  
There's that procrastination again.  

Are you a procrastinator?

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