Monday, February 6, 2012

Just in time for Valentiene's Day

I'm back! After a small, unwanted break last week I'm here now.
While I did not get much time to be doing projects, I was able to finish up these pretties just in time for Valentine's Day.

My crystal-encrusted shoes.  This was a learning experience for me.  It's easy to do, just make sure you have everything you need.  Get more crystals than you think you will use.  I had to order more crystals twice.  
Here's what you will need:
E6000 glue
syringe for the glue
jewelers pick
tray for the crystals

I don't have any pictures of how do do it but it's pretty straight forward.  
Put the glue in the syringe and the crystals in the tray.  I found it easier to use the tray to put them in than just dumping them out on my work surface.  The jewelers pick will save you your sanity.  The tip of it is tacky so you can just tap the top of they crystal and it sticks to the pick.  Once it touches the glue it sticks.  

You could cover your entire shoe or just a part like I did.  These shoes had a red suede patch on the heel and I just filled it in.

I wouldn't normally wear something like this but I really like them!   You could crystallize just about anything,  shoes, phone cases, bags/purses, clothing...use your imagination!
These were a practice pair for me.  I'm working on a bigger project but I won't be able to show that for a few months.
What would you cover in crystals?

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