Monday, February 20, 2012

Choose Joy

I want you to meet my Aunt Lee.  I called her Lee Lee.  She said she liked that better.
She was my God Mother and one of my closest friends.
She loved green.  Anything green.  She loved it all.
I always remember her calling me "her favorite little girl" all they way until Aubrey was born, then Aubrey became her favorite little girl and I became her second favorite little girl.
Of everyone, Lee Lee was probably the most excited about me being pregnant with twins.  She could not wait to meet them and hold them.
But, she never did.
Lee Lee had lung cancer.  She never smoked a day in her life.
How and why does this happen?
She fought so, so hard to win against this cancer.
She lost the battle October 13, 2010.
One week before my boys were born.  One week.
I think she was in heaven holding my babies that whole week.  And I know she is watching us in heaven right now.
I miss her so much.  
I miss her so much it hurts sometimes.

Because of Lee Lee I have such a soft spot in my heart for people with cancer.  I literally get sick to my stomach when I hear someone just found out they have it or if I just find out they have it.

If you read many crafting blogs I'm sure you have heard of  Ashley of Lil Blue Boo.  This girl has the golden touch when it comes to crafting.  She is a young mom, wife, blogger and designs a hand made clothing line
Ashley has had some really tough things thrown at her the past year, one of which is cancer. 
Through this, her mantra has been "Choose Joy"

And she has chosen joy.  She has been such an inspiration to myself and many others. 

You can see her Right of Passage video here.  

Some friends of hers have put together an auction to help take the edge off her financial burden that you can imagine is great.  Learn more about that HERE.
I urge you to check it out.


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