Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Wreath

I love all the decorations for Christmas.  All the twinkling lights, sparkly ornaments and all the rest.  But after Christmas when all the new toys that HAVE to be out because they're being played with (sometimes) it gets a bit cluttery and busy.  We have been doing some purging and organizing lately to help with those toys and we took down the Christmas decorations.  Usually we would have left them up just a bit longer but the boys COULD NOT leave the tree and the ornaments alone.  We even had to take a trip to the ER because they were sharing a glass ornament.  As in eating it.  Needless to say the bottom half of our tree was almost empty and the top half was really full of all the glass ornaments.  When I was telling one of my girl friends about the ornament nightmare this is what she said.
E: Guess what you are putting on your tree next year?
Me: Plastic ornaments.
E: No, candycanes and popcorn garland!
Hopefully they will understand next year that ornaments are not toys or snacks!

Anyways, I'm getting way off subject.  After putting all the Christmas decor away we needed something to decorate our table so I made this winter wreath.

I wanted something pretty but not too busy.  I saw something like this somewhere but I changed it up a little.    The wreath has an argyle pattern all the way around and a few flowers for a little added interest.

Here it is a little closer and away from the orange wall.
I got a wreath form from the thrift store and wrapped it with some brown yarn I had.
Then I cut some diamond shapes out of a gray sweater that I felted from a project I did a few years ago.  ( to felt a sweater, wash a 100% wool sweater and dry it.  It will shrink and turn into felt and you can use it for a lot of neat projects.  I made stuffed animals for the nieces and nephews, an idea I got from Martha Stewart)
After the diamond shapes were hot glued on I wrapped the wreath with plum yarn to make the cris-cros pattern on the argyle.  For the flowers I cut strips of felt out, scalloped one edge then rolled them up to make the flowers.  Then, stuck a few leaves in there too.

It's a nice winter wreath, I think.  My husband likes it too!  That's always a plus! :)


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