Thursday, January 5, 2012

Starry knees

This year Christmas just jumped out of nowhere for me.  Here I was back in October planning the kiddies bee-day party then suddenly it's a week before Christmas.  Where did November go?  Apparently I missed it.  Since I totally lost track of time I wasn't able to make Aubrey and the boys' Christmas outfits.  I found some sweaters for them and for the boys I was able to whip up some starry-knee pants.

The hunter green corduroy I used for these pants came from a pair of pants I got at Old Navy for less than a dollar.  Seriously.  I made the pattern for these pants by tracing a pair that already fit the boys well.  For one pair I was able to use the existing hem on the original pair.

I traced a star onto the fabric then sewed them on the knees.
Want to see my attempts to get some pictures of these on Paden and Colton?

I tried to get them to sit on this awesome green chair at my inlaws.

Sit?  Why would we sit on a chair? Or, sit still?  

And then they were off...

I love those little starry knees!  

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  1. Trish, I love checking out Ur blog! It's crazy how we have so much in Common lol - Janel