Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scarf Week: Day 4

It's day #4!  I can't believe our little series is almost over. 
 Our scarf for today is...
The Striped Cowl

This scarf used to be a sweater.  I got the sweater a few years ago and liked everything about it but the length.  It was a little shorter than I like.  It was also a little tight.  The belly I have left from my twins isn't real pretty and tight just doesn't work.  I didn't want to get rid of it though because I liked the charcoal/red stripes.  I had it sitting in my stash and finally figured out something to do with it.  

I don't have pictures for how I made it.  Sorry about that.  But, it's simple so I'll tell you how.
1.  Cut the arms off  but don't throw them away.  Make sure the cut is parallel with the hem of the sleeve
2.  Cut the bottom of the sweater off below the arms.  Now you have a tube.
3.  Fold the sweater top to bottom WRONG sides together.  Fold in the edges and pin.  It should start looking like a cowl.  Sew the folded opening closed where you pinned.
That's it!
But wait!!
What about the sleeves?
How about a cute pair of leg warmers?

For the leg warmers, all you do is make a rolled hem and voila!  Leg warmers.

Put it all together now.

Come back tomorrow for our last scarf!


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