Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Scarf Week: Day 3

Today is day 3 of scarf week.  How do you like it so far?  I've really had a good time making these scarves and showing them to you.
Today, I give you 
The Ruffle Scarf

I found this scarf and a tutorial on  Pintrest.  You can get the tutorial here.
  To me, this scarf is so pretty and feminine.

Would you like to see where the fabric came from?
Scary, I know!  These pants came from a costume I wore a few years ago.  I really don't think I'll be wearing it again so I cut it up and made it into a scarf.  I like the scarf better.

You can see there are two flowers on the scarf.  These are also in the tutorial.  I made them into pins so I can remove them if I want to.
Here's a close up of them

You can see in this picture that the edges are raw and unraveling.  In the tutorial she says to leave them that way.  Gives it a kind of shabby look.  Well, with the fabric I used it got a little too shabby for my liking so I used Fray Stop on the edges.  That helped a little bit.
I took these pictures myself.  Let me tell you that it's hard to do!
I had to delete most of the pictures.  I'll show you one I was going to delete.  I'm concentrating so hard I look fierce!

Sheesh!  If looks could kill!
See you tomorrow!

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