Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Scarf Week: Day 2

It's day number 2 of scarf week!
I'll get right down to business.  Today's scarf is...

The Braided Infinity Scarf

I wanted a neutral fabric for this scarf since it's got a lot going on.  It's a tan knit, and you can't see it in the pictures, but there's gold shimmery stripes on it.  
The scarf has 3 parts to it.  A small braid, large braid and a single strip of fabric.
Here's how I made it.

I had about a yard of this fabric.  To be sure it was long enough, I cut the fabric width wise.  I cut 3 strips of 3" wide fabric, 3 strips of 5'' wide fabric and what was left was my solid piece.
Braid the 2 braids.  I folded the solid piece in half, right sides together and sewed it then turned it right side out.  I did that because the fabric was trying to roll up on me.  You couldn't see the nice shimmery pattern on it if it was rolled up.
Now attach all pieces together at both ends

Sew those ends together.
Cut a piece of fabric about 5''x8" to cover up the ends.  Hand sew that piece over the spot you sewed the ends together.

Not real pretty but you don't see it when it's on.
Here it is on

You can leave it long

Double it up!

I wore it all day today and just loved it.
Thanks for stopping by.

Update!  Don't want to make your own?  I have made these available in myEtsy shop.
Each scarf is made to order so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery


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  1. Thank you!! I loved this soo much I made it the next day! :) I didn't want scarf week to end.