Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting organized: Covered boxes

As I've mentioned before I'm trying to get our home more organized.  A few months back I found this life-changing tutorial.  It's a tutorial on covering diaper boxes with fabric then making a liner so you have a pretty, functional storage solution!  Ok, so maybe it's not really life changing but it will certainly help make organizing more fun and beautiful. 

Since I do have twins you can imagine that we go through a lot of diapers.  So, I have a lot of diaper boxes.  I've already done 2 for Aubrey's closet but I need to get more finished before I share them with you.  The boys will also be getting some for their closet very soon.
We needed somewhere to put all of Aubrey's baby stuff.  It has overtaken us since Christmas.  A diaper box wouldn't have worked.  There's just too much.  
We did some of our Christmas shopping online and got a large box that I just couldn't throw away.  I just knew I could use it for something.  A couple days later this was that something.

A new toy box!
I just love how it turned out.  Nice and girly :)
 Did you ever have one of those projects that took so much longer than it should have?
This was one of them.  If you were to just cover the box and make the liner it's pretty simple and should only take a little while.  Well with this it took a long while.  I was running low on the white fabric and had to piece  it together so I would have enough to make the liner.  I made a pink ruffle and added the black pom-poms (my favorite part).  The box is covered in a gray material.

You know what's great about this project?  I had all the fabric in my stash.  The only thing I bought was the pom-pom trim.  That was a steal on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  So not only am I cleaning up the toys, I'm slowly finding my way to the bottom of my fabric pile.  That's a good thing.

How are you de-cluttering?


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  1. The covered box looks great! I have a ton in my closet...I'll have to try it out.:)