Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Do you know about the Ugly Christmas Sweater craze?  Just about everyone I know went to an ugly Christmas sweater party this year.  We were invited to one but weren't able to go.  We only found out the day before we wouldn't make it.  So since I thought we were going I got our ugly Christmas sweaters ready.  I got mine from my mom.  She's on a gold mine and she doesn't know it.  She's the most festive person I know. I asked her for a Christmas sweater and she said she has dozens.  Dozens!  So I asked if one of those was an ugly one.  She came through for me.  I love her.  To find one for Mr. Goody I went to several thrift stores.  No luck.  So I made one for him.  

It makes me laugh just looking at it!  Since we didn't get to go to the Ugly Christmas Sweater party he wore it to Christmas with his family.  I told him he didn't have to wear it but he did anyways because I spent the time to make it.  He's awesome like that.   He said he felt like the sweater aged him 10 years.   

So I'll tell you about the sweater.  Of course you can see there's a snow man on there but you can't see the Christmas tree on the side too well.  My favorite part is that the snowman's eyes and the decorations on the tree are buttons.  It's pretty ugly.


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