Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mirror Garland

I got the idea for mirror garland on pintrest.  (Have I mentioned I love pintrest?)  I wanted something for the backdrop of our dessert table and loved the lights and mirrors.  I couldn't find any mirror garland so I made my own.

Here's what you need:
small mirrors
fishing line
Hot glue gun

Cut a piece of fishing line your desired length.  Mine was about 6ft.
Take a mirror and put a dot of hot glue on it

Quickly lay your fishing line in the glue

Then put another mirror on top of the first one.  One important thing, make sure the mirrors have the wrong sides facing each other.

Continue until you have reached the end of the fishing line.  I spaced the mirrors about 6in apart.  I made 4 strands of garland then hung them up on the curtain rod behind the table and draped white lights between them.  The garland turned out to be just what I wanted.  I would have liked to have made more but that was all the mirrors I could get from the store.  Here's another look


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