Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gettin' Progressive

Have you ever gone to a progressive dinner?  If you don't know what that is, I'll tell you.  You have each course of a dinner ( appetizers, salad, soup, main course, dessert) at a different persons' house.  On Saturday we did that with my husband's family.  It was so much fun.  Appetizers were at my MIL & FIL's house, the main course was at my SIL's house and dessert was at my house.  Want to know what we had for dessert?

I did a donut bar.  The idea came from these 2 super-creative girls.  The donut trees were pretty simple and I really like how they turned out.  I got foam cones from the craft store and stuck the donuts on with toothpicks.  The toppings were homemade chocolate sauce, toasted coconut, chopped salted peanuts, strawberry jelly and sprinkles.  For those who thought donuts were not dessert-y enough I made chocolate cookies and snicker doodles.  For the kids, I made snowman milk bottles.  I found the idea on pintrest.  The gingerbread house was for display only.  My daughter made it and we thought it looked very nice on our dessert table.  There's one other thing I'd like to share how to make.  The mirror garland behind the table.  Come back tomorrow for the tutorial!

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