Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A place for most things(not everything, yet)

Have you heard the saying "A place for everything and everything in it's place"?  I heard that from a Sunday School Teacher when I was in second grade, I think.  For some reason that always stuck with me.  Not to say that everything has a place and is in it in my home, but I try.  One group of things that had a place and they were in it was our DVD's.  We have a 4'x4' square built in shelf in our living room and we were storing our DVD's in it.  It looked so clutter-y so I decided to do something about it.
In our garage we had this small dresser/end table that had been sitting there for a couple of years.  Instead of buying something for the DVD's I used this!  I didn't get a "before" picture but I'll try to explain it.  It was a light wood with white wash looking stain on it. The top was a lot wider and deeper, too big for the space it went in. It had these big bun feet on the bottom too.  Not my style.  So my husband sawed off the top and the feet and I painted it.  It's a perfect size now!  I changed the handles too.
For the paint job, I sanded the whole thing, then painted it all a wonderful turquoise.  Then painted it brown. When it was dry I distressed the dresser with some sand paper, then put a glaze on it.
The handles are one of my favorite parts.  They are copper-looking and pick up the turquoise in the dresser.  I love how this turned out and now our DVD's are hidden!

I have something good I'm cooking up over here that I'm going to share with you very soon.  Come back to see what it is!


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