Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Milan Maternity Spotlight

Have you heard of Milan Maternity?  They are a maternity clothing company.  They have some adorable maternity clothes that almost make me want to be pregnant again.  Just kidding!  You know what's great about them though?  They put some thought into their designs so that a dress or top that can be worn while pregnant and also after pregnancy.  Awesome.  And guess what else they have?  A collection of nursing tops!  When I first heard of this idea I thought it was genius.  Sometimes you might have a wiggly baby and it's all you can do to keep covered up while trying to feed them.  With Milan Maternity's nursing tops you can be covered up and also stylish!  They have the best looking nursing tops in my opinion.  I owned 3 of them.  (I've since passed them on to a friend)  Since I nursed my twins I wanted to have a some of these shirts because I spent A LOT of time nursing and didn't want to have to worry about giving anyone a show!

Milan Maternity also has a blog where they give tips on surviving motherhood and sometimes they spotlight one of their followers.  Guess what?  Today I'm being spot-lighted!  Go on over and check them out!


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