Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Bee Day Party

I think I had the theme for the littles' Bee Day party for about 6 months.  Don't laugh.  That's not all that bad considering that I'm pretty sure I have next years' theme already.  I found that theme probably about 4 days before this one.  Anyways, back to this years' party.

I made a couple Happy Bee Day Pennant banners.  These were pretty easy to do.  I traced letters on a black sheet that I have no idea where it came from.  Then cut the pennants from yellow felt, used spray adhesive to glue on the letters.  From the sheet I ripped 1 inch strips to hang the banner up.  I sewed the pennants to the strips.  I also made a Queen Bee banner for Aubrey with sequin fabric but didn't get a picture of that before it was taken down.
I made Aubrey's Bee day outfit too.  It was a re-fashion of a shirt that I had that never looked good on me.  I really like how it turned out.  Added bonus, she did too!
To add a bit of yellow I made a sash from yellow grosgrain ribbon and some rosettes.
And, of course she needed a special bow for her hair.  She picked out her favorite rosette and I made a bow for her.
  I didn't make the boys' outfits but they were still cute
Here they are right before cake.  Want to see the cakes?  I'll show you
First, I have to say, I love Pintrest.  The inspiration for these cakes was from there.
We had 3 types of cake: white, honey vanilla (to keep with the bee theme, of course) and chocolate.
They were layered to look like bee stripes when cut.  Aubrey's cake was the big bee hive and Paden and Colton had the mini hives for their punch cakes.

The party was a lot of fun.  Since I started pretty early it went smoothly too!  Always nice!  
If you are wondering where a picture of Aubrey is,  I don't have one!  Awful, isn't it?  With all the kids there she was way too busy to stop for a picture.  Then, at cake time, I held her while everyone sang and she blew out the candles so I couldn't take her picture.  I'm fairly sure that other family members got her picture though.  I'll have to get it from them.  A kind of funny and alarming story about the candles,  When Aubrey was leaning over to blow out her candles, a few pieces of her hair caught on fire!  I almost fainted.  It's a good story now though.

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