Thursday, November 3, 2011

Autumn Wreath

Autumn...It's a much prettier word than Fall.  I should use it more often.  I love the autumn season.  The trees are changing colors, though not so much around here for some reason this year.  I love the crisp air, pumpkins, mums and everything else fall-y.   For some reason I never get around to decorate for this wonderful season.  So this year I wanted to make a wreath for fall.  I like wreaths but I have a slight problem.  Our front door has a 3/4 oval glass window in it and I can't hang a wreath on it!  My solution, a wreath hanger.

I got the idea for this wreath on Pintrest.  The wreath itself came from the thrift store.  It was much cheaper than buying brand new.  Then, from Michaels,  I just picked up a bag of moss and a bag of gourds.  Glued the moss on first then the gourds.  Done.
Here it is in my living room.  Like my orange wall?  I love it.  There's another project in this pic I was working on for a while.  Can you guess what it is?  I can't tell you yet!  I'll save it for another post.

On to another subject for a minute.  See that Shabby Apple dress there on the sidebar?   To the right.  Yep, right there.  If you haven't checked out Shabby Apple you must!  And guess what?  They are giving us a deal right now!  How does 15% off and free shipping sound?  Great, right!  Use this link to get the deal!

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