Friday, September 30, 2011

The countdown begins

October is a full month for our family.  My anniversary, and all 3 of the littles have their birthdays, all happen in a week.  Miss A and the Guys' birthday are only a day apart.  We almost decided to have the Guys on Miss A's birthday, but we decided that she would have to share enough with them so she could at least have her own day.  So, we are having a big birthday bash for all of them at the end of October.  We are doing a Bee-day Party.  I'm having a lot of fun planning this party and will share with you some how-to's when I finish up my projects.

Speaking of sharing, I finished up some things for the Guys that I want to show you but it's been cloudy and rainy so I haven't been able to get them outside to take pictures.  I may have to just stop being picky and take their picture in the house.

On another note,  have you heard of Shabby Apple?  They have the most wonderful dresses that you just have to check out their website to see for yourself.  (click on the link at the top of the page)  One of the many great things about their dresses is that they are modest.  All of them.  That is so rare these days. My favorite dress,( though it's hard to pick just one favorite!) is the Study Break dress from their Academia line.  It's a mustard yellow, knee-length dress with slight gathers at the waistband set off by nice tortoise shell buttons, and the best part is the wonderful big fold-over collar.  Go check them out!  I guarantee you will want to fill your cart with all of their dresses!


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