Friday, August 23, 2013

Project Sewn: coffee date dress

This is my Coffee Date dress for Project Sewn.

When deciding on what I wanted this dress to look like, I started to think of things I needed in my closet.
Guess what I didn't have in there?
A little black dress!
So I made myself one.  
I really like this pattern.
It's very flattering and has a simple design but with a little flair.

I did a little re-purposing for the fabric for this dress.
For the bodice I used some black lace that had just a touch of gold shimmer and lined it with some silky fabric from a dress that I've had forever.  
The skirt fabric is a flowy black fabric from Joanne's.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Project Sewn: Sun dress

I'm still here!  I know, I know...I'm the most random blog post-er in the world.
I can't help it.  This year has been cray.  Cray-zy!

Ok.  To the subject at hand.
Liz & Elizabeth of Simple Simon & Co. , the ladies behind Project Run & Play have had the best idea!
They have started a blog similar to PR&P but for women!
I like sewing for my kiddos but I do sew for myself too.
They are in the middle of a few weeks of challenges.  
My plan was to do all of them but I never finished last week's challenge, black & white.
My black & white project is sitting in my sewing studio half done.
I did finish this week's challenge though!  
The sundress.

This dress is made from a comfy black & whit knit that I got from Girl Charlee.
I love maxi dresses & skirts in the summer.  I needed to add more to my closet so here's the newest one!

But wait, there's more!

The back of the dress has a scooped neck line.  I used leather for the neck band and made a leather strap across the back.

So this sundress has a bit of edge to it.
I think it will be perfect for summer.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Painting Furniture

Last week when I posted my China cabinet re-do I got a couple questions on the process, what I used, etc.  
Disclaimer* I do not claim to be a pro at painting furniture at all, and I haven't painted a lot of furniture,
but what I have painted has turned out pretty good, and if I can do it anyone can.

Some things you need are:


I think most projects will need a primer.  My cabinet was dark and I wanted it light so I needed one.  I used this primer, Bin.  It's a really good one but it is smelly!  It says on the container to paint in a well-ventilated area.  Please be sure to do that and keep your kiddos away while you are painting.  You wouldn't want them breathing those fumes.

2. Paint

Pick the color(s) you want then decide what kind of finish you want- flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss or glossy.  For my cabinet I used high gloss on the inside and satin on the outside.

3. Paint brushes

For a project that has a lot of small corners a paint brush with a tapered edge works really well.  It gets into the corners nicely.  I wouldn't get the cheapest brush you can find, it will leave streaks or brush marks in the paint.  You wouldn't want that if you are putting all that time into a project.
If you are painting something that has a lot of flat surface, like a table, a paint roller would be a good choice.
I use a small 6" roller or "hot dog" roller that looks like this

All images were found on Google

If using a roller, you'll need a pan to pour the paint in too.

Some other things you will need are:
~a drop cloth,
~painters tape & paper if you are going to need to protect a glass door or something like that
~tools to remove any hardware from your furniture.

I think that's about it.  Like I said, I'm no pro & I might not know the correct lingo but I think this might help if you are looking to paint a piece of furniture.  If you have any questions feel free to ask!

On a side note, I filled up my Etsy shops with a lot of new things and I'd love it if you stopped by to take a look!
From PGoodys
Fabulous vintage tea towels
Vintage Sherbert Orange Tea Towel,

Some fun fringe infinity scarves
Honey Butter Yellow Fringe Scarf

Beautiful cross bracelets & elastic hair ties
Gold Pave Bar Hair Tie Bracelet

From PGoodysMini
This one-of-a-kind St. Patty's day dress size 3T
Lucky Girl Knit dress OOAK
Some lace leggings for your little girl, perfect for easter!
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

China Cabinet Re-do

I have a friend who finds the best furniture to redo.
She does some furniture refurbishing on the side.
You can check out Michelle's facebook page HERE.

I had been looking for a china cabinet or hutch for a while to put in my kitchen.
Michelle found this wonderful china cabinet that she was going to refurbish but changed her mind.
We did some bartering and I got the cabinet from her and went to town on it!
Here it is before

Isn't it a beauty?
At first I went back and forth on weather or not I should paint it or just leave it as is.
In the end I decided to paint it.  I felt like I needed it to be brighter.
My inspiration on painting the cabinet came from Bailey at Peppermint Bliss and these china cabinets

Image: Peppermint Bliss

I love that salmon pink on the inside & the white is so crisp & clean.
On a side note, I would LOVE to have Bailey come to my house and do whatever her heart desires.
She's an interior designer and I love her style.

So, want to see my finished cabinet?

I love it so much.
I kept the hardware the same and left the wood detail in the center glass dark.
I like the contrast it has.
Instead of using this cabinet in my kitchen, it will be left in my studio for some pretty storage.

I had fun with this cabinet and feel more furniture painting in my future!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentines Decor

I have a confession.  
I don't decorate much for most holidays (except Christmas).
Not on purpose, it's just that the holidays sneak up on me and
I never got around to making new decorations.
You would think I didn't own a calender.

Well.  This year I wanted some Valentines decorations.
Confession #2:  I'm not a big fan of hearts.
I know!  Who doesn't like hearts?
Me, that's who.  
You won't catch me sporting a heart on my shirt or on a piece of jewelry or anywhere else.
So what does a person who doesn't want to cover her house in hearts to do?
Decorate with hugs & kisses!

I got the idea for this last year but I cannot remember where and I didn't PIN it either.

It's really simple and I really like them.

I got an "X" and an "O" and some strung sequins, then hot glued the sequins to the letter.
I just picked a spot that I thought would be a good finishing point when I was done, and went back & forth with the string of sequins.

Once the X & O were covered I hung them up on my wreath hanger.
The X stays nicely on there and the O I tied a ribbon to and hung it from the ribbon to make it hang a little lower than the X.

That's it!  I was even able to make them while my boys ran circles around me!

P.S.  Did you know that I have 2 Etsy shops?
I just re-stocked PGoodysMini with some lace leggings for little girls.
Quantities are very limited so grab them quick before they are gone!
White lace leggings

Friday, February 15, 2013

Part 2 of PR&P

For the boys, I did a freezer paper stencil of a dachshund that wraps around their side with a top hat made of felt.

I positioned the dogs on their shirts so that when they are standing together it looks like the dogs are one, like a puzzle.
Here's a picture of the back
For the boys, I did a freezer paper stencil of a dachshund that wraps around their side with a top hat made of felt.
Here's a picture of the back

Project Run & Play: Signature Style.

This is the last week of Project Run & Play 
and the theme for the week is signature style.

When I was trying to think of my signature style I think I came up with outfits that are true to how I sew & plan my projects.
As much as I'd like to re-create some of the awesome things I find on the internet, my kiddos don't always wear them when I do.  At least Aubrey doesn't.  So I make things that I think they would wear if they were picking out their outfit.  The boys are easy still, since they are only 2.  They will wear anything.

Aubrey is a different story.  For her outfit I made a tutu skirt and a shirt that she designed.
Back in November Jessica did a series called KIDS- Kids Inspiration & Design Series.
This series included the kids into the design process.  She's doing the series again, by the way.
I had Aubrey draw something that she would want me to make for her.  I told her it could be anything.  
In about 45 seconds she drew a top and knew exactly what she wanted.  
I just now got around to making it.
I cannot find the original drawing but here's the shirt, exactly how she wanted it.

A pink top with ruffles around the top & bottom with black buttons.
For the skirt, she picked out the prettiest melon green tulle and I found some matching cotton to line it with so it's not scratchy.  The waistband is flat in the front & elastic in the back.

For the boys, I did a freezer paper stencil of a dachshund that wraps around their side with a top hat made of felt.

I positioned the dogs on their shirts so that when they are standing together it looks like the dogs are one, like a puzzle.
Here's a picture of the back